1HVD: Structural And Electrophysiological Analysis Of Annexin V Mutants. Mutagenesis Of Human Annexin V, An In Vitro Voltage-Gated Calcium Channel, Provides Information About The Structural Features Of The Ion Pathway, The Voltage Sensor And The Ion Selectivity Filter
reference: Structural and electrophysiological analysis of annexin V mutants. Mutagenesis of human annexin V, an in vitro voltage-gated calcium channel, provides information about the structural features of the ion pathway, the voltage sensor and the ion selectivity filter., Burger A, Voges D, Demange P, Perez CR, Huber R, Berendes R, J Mol Biol 1994 Apr 8;237(4):479-99. PMID: 8151707

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