1KNU: Ligand Binding Domain Of The Human Peroxisome Proliferator A Receptor Gamma In Complex With A Synthetic Agonist
reference: Novel tricyclic-alpha-alkyloxyphenylpropionic acids: dual PPARalpha/gamma agonists with hypolipidemic and antidiabetic activity., Sauerberg P, Pettersson I, Jeppesen L, Bury PS, Mogensen JP, Wassermann K, Brand CL, Sturis J, Woldike HF, Fleckner J, Andersen AS, Mortensen SB, Svensson LA, Rasmussen HB, Lehmann SV, Polivka Z, Sindelar K, Panajotova V, Ynddal L, Wulff EM, J Med Chem 2002 Feb 14;45(4):789-804. PMID: 11831892

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