1PPE: The Refined 2.0 Angstroms X-Ray Crystal Structure Of The Complex Formed Between Bovine Beta-Trypsin And Cmti-I, A Trypsin Inhibitor From Squash Seeds (Cucurbita Maxima): Topological Similarity Of The Squash Seed Inhibitors With The Carboxypeptidase A Inhibitor From Potatoes
reference: The refined 2.0 A X-ray crystal structure of the complex formed between bovine beta-trypsin and CMTI-I, a trypsin inhibitor from squash seeds (Cucurbita maxima). Topological similarity of the squash seed inhibitors with the carboxypeptidase A inhibitor from potatoes., Bode W, Greyling HJ, Huber R, Otlewski J, Wilusz T, FEBS Lett 1989 Jan 2;242(2):285-92. PMID: 2914611

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