1UWB: Tyr 181 Cys Hiv-1 Rt8-Cl Tibo
reference: Crystal structures of 8-Cl and 9-Cl TIBO complexed with wild-type HIV-1 RT and 8-Cl TIBO complexed with the Tyr181Cys HIV-1 RT drug-resistant mutant., Das K, Ding J, Hsiou Y, Clark AD Jr, Moereels H, Koymans L, Andries K, Pauwels R, Janssen PA, Boyer PL, Clark P, Smith RH Jr, Kroeger Smith MB, Michejda CJ, Hughes SH, Arnold E, J Mol Biol 1996 Dec 20;264(5):1085-100. PMID: 9000632

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