3K97: Hsp90 N-Terminal Domain In Complex With 4-Chloro-6-{[(2r)-2- (2-Methylphenyl)Pyrrolidin-1-Yl]Carbonyl}Benzene-1,3-Diol
reference: Dihydroxyphenylisoindoline amides as orally bioavailable inhibitors of the heat shock protein 90 (hsp90) molecular chaperone., Kung PP, Huang B, Zhang G, Zhou JZ, Wang J, Digits JA, Skaptason J, Yamazaki S, Neul D, Zientek M, Elleraas J, Mehta P, Yin MJ, Hickey MJ, Gajiwala KS, Rodgers C, Davies JF, Gehring MR, J Med Chem. 2010 Jan 14;53(1):499-503. PMID: 19908836

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