4NQD: Crystal Structure Of Tcr-Mr1 Ternary Complex And Non-Covalen 5-(2-Oxopropylideneamino)-6-D-Ribitylaminouracil
reference: T-cell activation by transitory neo-antigens derived from distinct microbial pathways., Corbett AJ, Eckle SB, Birkinshaw RW, Liu L, Patel O, Mahony J, Chen Z, Reantragoon R, Meehan B, Cao H, Williamson NA, Strugnell RA, Van Sinderen D, Mak JY, Fairlie DP, Kjer-Nielsen L, Rossjohn J, McCluskey J, Nature. 2014 Apr 2. doi: 10.1038/nature13160. PMID: 24695216

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