6RRC: Crystal Structure Of The N-Terminal Region Of Human Cohesin Stag1 In Complex With Rad21 Peptide
reference: STAG1 vulnerabilities for exploiting cohesin synthetic lethality in STAG2-deficient cancers., van der Lelij P, Newman JA, Lieb S, Jude J, Katis V, Hoffmann T, Hinterndorfer M, Bader G, Kraut N, Pearson MA, Peters JM, Zuber J, Gileadi O, Petronczki M, Life Sci Alliance. 2020 May 28;3(7). pii: 3/7/e202000725. doi:, 10.26508/lsa.202000725. Print 2020 Jul. PMID: 32467316

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