Analysis of interatomic Contacts of Structural Units in PDB entry:

Contacts of Structural Units (CSU) are derived with the CSU software (Sobolev V., Sorokine A., Prilusky J., Abola E.E. and Edelman M. (1999) Automated analysis of interatomic contacts in proteins. Bioinformatics, 15, 327-332).
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This page provides analyses of contacts formed by:
For analysis of ligand-protein contacts, use: 3D structure can be seen in additional window with STING software for 1R70 entry

There are 4 chains in PDB entry 1R70 (CSU analysis of residue contacts immediately below table)
Chain ID Initial residueTerminal residue
GLU 1CYS 214
GLN 215TYR 676
GLU 677CYS 890
GLN 891TYR 1352
Residue contacts

1. List of contacts for up to 10 consecutive residues:
Chain ID from residue number to residue number

2. Detailed analyses of contacts for any single residue:
Residue number chain ID
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There are no helices in PDB entry 1R70

There are no sheets in PDB entry 1R70

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