Structure based on 2h03

Ideal structure
Name: (4-{4-[(tert-butoxycarbonyl)amino]-2,2-bis(ethoxycarbonyl)butyl}phenyl)sulfamic acid
Formula: C21 H32 N2 O9 S
Weight: 488.552
SMILES: "CCOC(=O)C(CCNC(=O)OC(C)(C)C)(Cc1ccc(N[S](O)(=O)=O)cc1)C(=O)OCC"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 2h03
RESIDUE   3UN     65
CONECT      N      3 C1   S12  HN  
CONECT      O48    1 C36 
CONECT      C36    3 O48  O49  C11 
CONECT      O49    2 C36  C51 
CONECT      C51    4 O49  C54  H511 H512
CONECT      C54    4 C51  H541 H542 H543
CONECT      C11    4 C36  C15  C14  C35 
CONECT      C15    4 C11  C44  H151 H152
CONECT      C44    4 C15  N39  H441 H442
CONECT      N39    3 C44  C37  H39 
CONECT      C37    3 N39  O38  O19 
CONECT      O38    1 C37 
CONECT      O19    2 C37  C20 
CONECT      C20    4 O19  C23  C22  C21 
CONECT      C23    4 C20  H231 H232 H233
CONECT      C22    4 C20  H221 H222 H223
CONECT      C21    4 C20  H211 H212 H213
CONECT      C14    3 C11  O47  O46 
CONECT      O47    2 C14  C50 
CONECT      C50    4 O47  C60  H501 H502
CONECT      C60    4 C50  H601 H602 H603
CONECT      O46    1 C14 
CONECT      C35    4 C11  C2   H351 H352
CONECT      C2     3 C35  C5   C6  
CONECT      C5     3 C2   C4   H5  
CONECT      C4     3 C5   C1   H4  
CONECT      C6     3 C2   C3   H6  
CONECT      C3     3 C6   C1   H3  
CONECT      C1     3 N    C4   C3  
CONECT      S12    4 N    O17  O18  O34 
CONECT      O17    1 S12 
CONECT      O18    1 S12 
CONECT      O34    2 S12  H34 
CONECT      HN     1 N   
CONECT      H511   1 C51 
CONECT      H512   1 C51 
CONECT      H541   1 C54 
CONECT      H542   1 C54 
CONECT      H543   1 C54 
CONECT      H151   1 C15 
CONECT      H152   1 C15 
CONECT      H441   1 C44 
CONECT      H442   1 C44 
CONECT      H39    1 N39 
CONECT      H231   1 C23 
CONECT      H232   1 C23 
CONECT      H233   1 C23 
CONECT      H221   1 C22 
CONECT      H222   1 C22 
CONECT      H223   1 C22 
CONECT      H211   1 C21 
CONECT      H212   1 C21 
CONECT      H213   1 C21 
CONECT      H501   1 C50 
CONECT      H502   1 C50 
CONECT      H601   1 C60 
CONECT      H602   1 C60 
CONECT      H603   1 C60 
CONECT      H351   1 C35 
CONECT      H352   1 C35 
CONECT      H5     1 C5  
CONECT      H4     1 C4  
CONECT      H6     1 C6  
CONECT      H3     1 C3  
CONECT      H34    1 O34 
HET    3UN             65
FORMUL      3UN    C21 H32 N2 O9 S1

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