Structure based on 1kkq

Ideal structure
Name: n-((2s)-2-({(1z)-1-methyl-3-oxo-3-[4-(trifluoromethyl) phenyl]prop-1-enyl}amino)-3-{4-[2-(5-methyl-2-phenyl-1,3-oxazol-4-yl)ethoxy]phenyl}propyl)propanamide
Formula: C35 H36 F3 N3 O4
Weight: 619.673
SMILES: "CCC(=O)NC[CH](Cc1ccc(OCCc2nc(oc2C)c3ccccc3)cc1)NC(C)=CC(=O)c4ccc(cc4)C(F)(F)F"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1kkq
RESIDUE   471     81
CONECT      N      3 CA   C1A  HN  
CONECT      CA     4 N    CB   C4A  HCA 
CONECT      CB     4 CA   CG   HB1  HB2 
CONECT      CG     3 CB   CD1  CD2 
CONECT      CD1    3 CG   CE1  HCD1
CONECT      CD2    3 CG   CE2  HCD2
CONECT      CE1    3 CD1  CZ   HCE1
CONECT      CE2    3 CD2  CZ   HCE2
CONECT      CZ     3 CE1  CE2  OH  
CONECT      OH     2 CZ   C3A 
CONECT      C1A    3 N    C1F  C1B 
CONECT      C1F    3 C1A  C1G  HC1F
CONECT      C1B    4 C1A  H1B1 H1B2 HIB3
CONECT      C1H    3 C1I  C1M  C1G 
CONECT      C1I    3 C1H  C1J  HC1I
CONECT      C1J    3 C1I  C1K  HC1J
CONECT      C1K    3 C1J  C1N  C1L 
CONECT      C1N    4 C1K  F1Q  F1P  F1O 
CONECT      F1Q    1 C1N 
CONECT      F1P    1 C1N 
CONECT      F1O    1 C1N 
CONECT      C1L    3 C1K  C1M  HC1L
CONECT      C1M    3 C1H  C1L  HC1M
CONECT      C1G    3 C1F  C1H  O1G 
CONECT      O1G    1 C1G 
CONECT      O3F    2 C3G  C3D 
CONECT      C3G    3 O3F  N3H  C3I 
CONECT      N3H    2 C3G  C3C 
CONECT      C3C    3 N3H  C3D  C3B 
CONECT      C3D    3 O3F  C3C  C3E 
CONECT      C3E    4 C3D  H3E1 H3E2 H3E3
CONECT      C3I    3 C3G  C3N  C3J 
CONECT      C3N    3 C3I  C3M  HC3N
CONECT      C3M    3 C3N  C3L  HC3M
CONECT      C3L    3 C3M  C3K  HC3L
CONECT      C3K    3 C3L  C3J  HC3K
CONECT      C3J    3 C3I  C3K  HC3J
CONECT      C3A    4 OH   C3B  H3A1 H3A2
CONECT      C3B    4 C3C  C3A  H3B1 H3B2
CONECT      C4A    4 CA   N4B  H4A1 H4A2
CONECT      N4B    3 C4A  C4C  HN4B
CONECT      C4C    3 N4B  O4C  C4D 
CONECT      O4C    1 C4C 
CONECT      C4D    4 C4C  C4E  H4D1 H4D2
CONECT      C4E    4 C4D  H4E1 H4E2 H4E3
CONECT      HN     1 N   
CONECT      HCA    1 CA  
CONECT      HB1    1 CB  
CONECT      HB2    1 CB  
CONECT      HCD1   1 CD1 
CONECT      HCD2   1 CD2 
CONECT      HCE1   1 CE1 
CONECT      HCE2   1 CE2 
CONECT      HC1F   1 C1F 
CONECT      H1B1   1 C1B 
CONECT      H1B2   1 C1B 
CONECT      HIB3   1 C1B 
CONECT      HC1I   1 C1I 
CONECT      HC1J   1 C1J 
CONECT      HC1L   1 C1L 
CONECT      HC1M   1 C1M 
CONECT      H3E1   1 C3E 
CONECT      H3E2   1 C3E 
CONECT      H3E3   1 C3E 
CONECT      HC3N   1 C3N 
CONECT      HC3M   1 C3M 
CONECT      HC3L   1 C3L 
CONECT      HC3K   1 C3K 
CONECT      HC3J   1 C3J 
CONECT      H3A1   1 C3A 
CONECT      H3A2   1 C3A 
CONECT      H3B1   1 C3B 
CONECT      H3B2   1 C3B 
CONECT      H4A1   1 C4A 
CONECT      H4A2   1 C4A 
CONECT      HN4B   1 N4B 
CONECT      H4D1   1 C4D 
CONECT      H4D2   1 C4D 
CONECT      H4E1   1 C4E 
CONECT      H4E2   1 C4E 
CONECT      H4E3   1 C4E 
HET    471             81
HETNAM     471 N-((2S)-2-({(1Z)-1-METHYL-3-OXO-3-[4-(TRIFLUOROMETHYL) 
FORMUL      471    C35 H36 F3 N3 O4

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