Structure based on 5ahf

Ideal structure
Name: [(2r,3s,4r,5r)-5-[4-aminocarbonyl-5-[(e)-[[(2r,3r,4s,5r)-3,4-bis(oxidanyl)-5-(phosphonooxymethyl)oxolan-2-yl]amino]methylideneamino]imidazol-1-yl]-3,4-bis(oxidanyl)oxolan-2-yl]methyl dihydrogen phosphate
Formula: C15 H25 N5 O15 P2
Weight: 577.331
SMILES: "NC(=O)c1ncn([CH]2O[CH](CO[P](O)(O)=O)[CH](O)[CH]2O)c1N=CN[CH]3O[CH](CO[P](O)(O)=O)[CH](O)[CH]3O"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 5ahf.
Also present on 5a5w, 5abt, 5ahi, 5g4w
RESIDUE   GUO     62
CONECT      P1     4 O2P  O3P  O4P  O5P 
CONECT      C6     4 C9   O5P  H6   H6A 
CONECT      C9     4 C6   O11  C12  H9  
CONECT      O11    2 C9   C20 
CONECT      C12    4 C9   O14  C16  H12 
CONECT      O14    2 C12  HO14
CONECT      C16    4 C12  O18  C20  H16 
CONECT      O18    2 C16  HO18
CONECT      C20    4 O11  C16  N22  H20 
CONECT      N22    3 C20  C24  HN22
CONECT      C24    3 N22  N26  H24 
CONECT      N26    2 C24  C27 
CONECT      C27    3 N26  C28  N37 
CONECT      C28    3 C27  C29  N34 
CONECT      C29    3 C28  O30  N31 
CONECT      O2P    1 P1  
CONECT      O30    1 C29 
CONECT      N31    3 C29  HN31 HN3A
CONECT      N34    2 C28  C35 
CONECT      C35    3 N34  N37  H35 
CONECT      N37    3 C27  C35  C38 
CONECT      C38    4 N37  O40  C41  H38 
CONECT      O3P    2 P1   HO3P
CONECT      O40    2 C38  C49 
CONECT      C41    4 C38  O43  C45  H41 
CONECT      O43    2 C41  HO43
CONECT      C45    4 C41  O47  C49  H45 
CONECT      O47    2 C45  HO47
CONECT      C49    4 O40  C45  C51  H49 
CONECT      O4P    2 P1   HO4P
CONECT      C51    4 C49  O54  H51  H51A
CONECT      O54    2 C51  P55 
CONECT      P55    4 O54  O56  O57  O58 
CONECT      O56    1 P55 
CONECT      O57    2 P55  HO57
CONECT      O58    2 P55  HO58
CONECT      O5P    2 P1   C6  
CONECT      H6     1 C6  
CONECT      H6A    1 C6  
CONECT      H9     1 C9  
CONECT      H12    1 C12 
CONECT      HO14   1 O14 
CONECT      H16    1 C16 
CONECT      HO18   1 O18 
CONECT      H20    1 C20 
CONECT      HN22   1 N22 
CONECT      H24    1 C24 
CONECT      HN31   1 N31 
CONECT      HN3A   1 N31 
CONECT      H35    1 C35 
CONECT      H38    1 C38 
CONECT      HO3P   1 O3P 
CONECT      H41    1 C41 
CONECT      HO43   1 O43 
CONECT      H45    1 C45 
CONECT      HO47   1 O47 
CONECT      H49    1 C49 
CONECT      HO4P   1 O4P 
CONECT      H51    1 C51 
CONECT      H51A   1 C51 
CONECT      HO57   1 O57 
CONECT      HO58   1 O58 
HET    GUO             62
HETNAM     GUO [(2R,3S,4R,5R)-5-[4-aminocarbonyl-5-[(E)-[[(2R,3R,4S,5R
HETNAM   2 GUO )-3,4-bis(oxidanyl)-5-(phosphonooxymethyl)oxolan-2-yl]a
HETNAM   3 GUO mino]methylideneamino]imidazol-1-yl]-3,4-bis(oxidanyl)o
HETNAM   4 GUO xolan-2-yl]methyl dihydrogen phosphate
FORMUL      GUO    C15 H25 N5 O15 P2

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