Structure based on 1urw

Ideal structure
Name: 2-[4-(n-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)sulphamoyl)anilino]-
Formula: C21 H24 N8 O2 S
Weight: 452.533
SMILES: "CN(C)CCCN[S](=O)(=O)c1ccc(Nc2nccc(n2)c3cnc4cccnn34)cc1"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1urw
RESIDUE   I1P     56
CONECT      C22    3 C17  C21  H22 
CONECT      C1     3 C2   C6   H1  
CONECT      C2     3 C1   C3   H2  
CONECT      C7     3 C10  C9   N4  
CONECT      C6     3 C1   N5   H6  
CONECT      C3     3 C2   N4   N8  
CONECT      N5     2 C6   N4  
CONECT      C11    3 C10  C13  H11 
CONECT      C10    3 C7   C11  N15 
CONECT      C9     3 C7   N8   H9  
CONECT      C17    3 C22  C18  N16 
CONECT      C14    3 N15  N13  N16 
CONECT      C13    3 C11  N13  H13 
CONECT      N15    2 C10  C14 
CONECT      C18    3 C17  C19  H18 
CONECT      C19    3 C18  C20  H19 
CONECT      C20    3 C19  C21  S23 
CONECT      N4     3 C7   C3   N5  
CONECT      N8     2 C3   C9  
CONECT      N13    2 C14  C13 
CONECT      N16    3 C17  C14  H16 
CONECT      C21    3 C22  C20  H21 
CONECT      S23    4 C20  N24  O31  O32 
CONECT      N24    3 S23  C25  H24 
CONECT      C25    4 N24  C26  H251 H252
CONECT      C26    4 C25  C27  H261 H262
CONECT      C27    4 C26  N28  H271 H272
CONECT      N28    3 C27  C29  C30 
CONECT      C29    4 N28  H291 H292 H293
CONECT      C30    4 N28  H301 H302 H303
CONECT      O31    1 S23 
CONECT      O32    1 S23 
CONECT      H22    1 C22 
CONECT      H1     1 C1  
CONECT      H2     1 C2  
CONECT      H6     1 C6  
CONECT      H11    1 C11 
CONECT      H9     1 C9  
CONECT      H13    1 C13 
CONECT      H18    1 C18 
CONECT      H19    1 C19 
CONECT      H16    1 N16 
CONECT      H21    1 C21 
CONECT      H24    1 N24 
CONECT      H251   1 C25 
CONECT      H252   1 C25 
CONECT      H261   1 C26 
CONECT      H262   1 C26 
CONECT      H271   1 C27 
CONECT      H272   1 C27 
CONECT      H291   1 C29 
CONECT      H292   1 C29 
CONECT      H293   1 C29 
CONECT      H301   1 C30 
CONECT      H302   1 C30 
CONECT      H303   1 C30 
HET    I1P             56
FORMUL      I1P    C21 H24 N8 O2 S1

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