Structure based on 1wug

Ideal structure
Name: n-(3-aminopropyl)-4-methyl-2-nitrobenzenamine
Formula: C10 H15 N3 O2
Weight: 209.245
SMILES: "Cc1ccc(NCCCN)c(c1)[N+]([O-])=O"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1wug
RESIDUE   NP1     30
CONECT      NZ     3 CA   HNZ1 HNZ2
CONECT      CA     4 NZ   CB   HA1  HA2 
CONECT      CB     4 CA   CG   HB1  HB2 
CONECT      CG     4 CB   NE   HG1  HG2 
CONECT      NE     3 CG   CD   HNE 
CONECT      CD     3 NE   CE1  CE2 
CONECT      CE1    3 CD   CR1  HE1 
CONECT      CE2    3 CD   NO2  CR2 
CONECT      NO2    3 CE2  OC1  OC2 
CONECT      OC1    1 NO2 
CONECT      OC2    1 NO2 
CONECT      CR1    3 CE1  CZ   HR1 
CONECT      CR2    3 CE2  CZ   HR2 
CONECT      CZ     3 CR1  CR2  CM  
CONECT      CM     4 CZ   HM1  HM2  HM3 
CONECT      HNZ1   1 NZ  
CONECT      HNZ2   1 NZ  
CONECT      HA1    1 CA  
CONECT      HA2    1 CA  
CONECT      HB1    1 CB  
CONECT      HB2    1 CB  
CONECT      HG1    1 CG  
CONECT      HG2    1 CG  
CONECT      HNE    1 NE  
CONECT      HE1    1 CE1 
CONECT      HR1    1 CR1 
CONECT      HR2    1 CR2 
CONECT      HM1    1 CM  
CONECT      HM2    1 CM  
CONECT      HM3    1 CM  
HET    NP1             30
FORMUL      NP1    C10 H15 N3 O2

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