Structure based on 1yok

Ideal structure
Name: (2s)-3-{[{[(2s)-2,3-dihydroxypropyl]oxy}(hydroxy)phosphoryl]oxy}-2-[(6e)-hexadec-6-enoyloxy]propyl (8e)-octadec-8-enoate
Formula: C40 H75 O10 P
Weight: 746.991
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1yok.
Also present in other 8 PDB entries.
RESIDUE   P6L    126
CONECT      C1     4 C2   O12  H11  H12 
CONECT      C2     4 C1   O3   C50  H2  
CONECT      O3     2 C2   HO3 
CONECT      O4     2 C5   C14 
CONECT      C5     4 O4   C6   C7   H5  
CONECT      C6     4 C5   O8   H61  H62 
CONECT      C7     4 C5   O9   H71  H72 
CONECT      O8     2 C6   C16 
CONECT      O9     2 C7   P11 
CONECT      O10    1 P11 
CONECT      P11    4 O9   O10  O12  O13 
CONECT      O12    2 C1   P11 
CONECT      O13    2 P11  H13 
CONECT      C14    3 O4   O15  C18 
CONECT      O15    1 C14 
CONECT      C16    3 O8   O17  C27 
CONECT      O17    1 C16 
CONECT      C18    4 C14  C19  H181 H182
CONECT      C19    4 C18  C20  H191 H192
CONECT      C20    4 C19  C21  H201 H202
CONECT      C21    4 C20  C22  H211 H212
CONECT      C22    3 C21  C23  H22 
CONECT      C23    3 C22  C24  H23 
CONECT      C24    4 C23  C25  H241 H242
CONECT      C25    4 C24  C26  H251 H252
CONECT      C26    4 C25  C37  H261 H262
CONECT      C27    4 C16  C28  H271 H272
CONECT      C28    4 C27  C29  H281 H282
CONECT      C29    4 C28  C30  H291 H292
CONECT      C30    4 C29  C31  H301 H302
CONECT      C31    4 C30  C32  H311 H312
CONECT      C32    4 C31  C33  H321 H322
CONECT      C33    3 C32  C34  H33 
CONECT      C34    3 C33  C35  H34 
CONECT      C35    4 C34  C36  H351 H352
CONECT      C36    4 C35  C38  H361 H362
CONECT      C37    4 C26  C45  H371 H372
CONECT      C38    4 C36  C39  H381 H382
CONECT      C39    4 C38  C40  H391 H392
CONECT      C40    4 C39  C41  H401 H402
CONECT      C41    4 C40  C42  H411 H412
CONECT      C42    4 C41  C43  H421 H422
CONECT      C43    4 C42  C44  H431 H432
CONECT      C44    4 C43  H441 H442 H443
CONECT      C45    4 C37  C46  H451 H452
CONECT      C46    4 C45  C47  H461 H462
CONECT      C47    4 C46  C48  H471 H472
CONECT      C48    4 C47  C49  H481 H482
CONECT      C49    4 C48  H491 H492 H493
CONECT      C50    4 C2   O51  H501 H502
CONECT      O51    2 C50  H51 
CONECT      H11    1 C1  
CONECT      H12    1 C1  
CONECT      H2     1 C2  
CONECT      HO3    1 O3  
CONECT      H5     1 C5  
CONECT      H61    1 C6  
CONECT      H62    1 C6  
CONECT      H71    1 C7  
CONECT      H72    1 C7  
CONECT      H13    1 O13 
CONECT      H181   1 C18 
CONECT      H182   1 C18 
CONECT      H191   1 C19 
CONECT      H192   1 C19 
CONECT      H201   1 C20 
CONECT      H202   1 C20 
CONECT      H211   1 C21 
CONECT      H212   1 C21 
CONECT      H22    1 C22 
CONECT      H23    1 C23 
CONECT      H241   1 C24 
CONECT      H242   1 C24 
CONECT      H251   1 C25 
CONECT      H252   1 C25 
CONECT      H261   1 C26 
CONECT      H262   1 C26 
CONECT      H271   1 C27 
CONECT      H272   1 C27 
CONECT      H281   1 C28 
CONECT      H282   1 C28 
CONECT      H291   1 C29 
CONECT      H292   1 C29 
CONECT      H301   1 C30 
CONECT      H302   1 C30 
CONECT      H311   1 C31 
CONECT      H312   1 C31 
CONECT      H321   1 C32 
CONECT      H322   1 C32 
CONECT      H33    1 C33 
CONECT      H34    1 C34 
CONECT      H351   1 C35 
CONECT      H352   1 C35 
CONECT      H361   1 C36 
CONECT      H362   1 C36 
CONECT      H371   1 C37 
CONECT      H372   1 C37 
CONECT      H381   1 C38 
CONECT      H382   1 C38 
CONECT      H391   1 C39 
CONECT      H392   1 C39 
CONECT      H401   1 C40 
CONECT      H402   1 C40 
CONECT      H411   1 C41 
CONECT      H412   1 C41 
CONECT      H421   1 C42 
CONECT      H422   1 C42 
CONECT      H431   1 C43 
CONECT      H432   1 C43 
CONECT      H441   1 C44 
CONECT      H442   1 C44 
CONECT      H443   1 C44 
CONECT      H451   1 C45 
CONECT      H452   1 C45 
CONECT      H461   1 C46 
CONECT      H462   1 C46 
CONECT      H471   1 C47 
CONECT      H472   1 C47 
CONECT      H481   1 C48 
CONECT      H482   1 C48 
CONECT      H491   1 C49 
CONECT      H492   1 C49 
CONECT      H493   1 C49 
CONECT      H501   1 C50 
CONECT      H502   1 C50 
CONECT      H51    1 O51 
HET    P6L            126
FORMUL      P6L    C40 H75 O10 P1

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