Structure based on 1bxo

Ideal structure
Name: methyl cyclo[(2s)-2-[[(1r)-1-(n-(l-n-(3-methylbutanoyl)valyl-l-aspartyl)amino)-3-methylbutyl]hydroxyphosphinyloxy]-3-(3-aminomethyl)phenylpropanoate
Formula: C30 H47 N4 O9 P
Weight: 638.689
SMILES: "COC(=O)[CH]1Cc2cccc(CNC(=O)C[CH](NC(=O)[CH](NC(=O)CC(C)C)C(C)C)C(=O)N[CH](CC(C)C)[P](O)(=O)O1)c2"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1bxo
RESIDUE   PP7     91
CONECT      NV2    3 CV6  CV5  HV2 
CONECT      CV1    4 CV2  CV5  HV11 HV12
CONECT      CV6    4 NV2  CV7  CR   HV6 
CONECT      CV2    4 CV1  CV3  CV4  HCV2
CONECT      CV7    4 CV6  CV8  CV9  HCV7
CONECT      CV3    4 CV2  HV31 HV32 HV33
CONECT      CV8    4 CV7  HV81 HV82 HV83
CONECT      CV4    4 CV2  HV41 HV43 HV42
CONECT      CV9    4 CV7  HV91 HV92 HV93
CONECT      CV5    3 NV2  CV1  OV1 
CONECT      CR     3 CV6  OV2  N1  
CONECT      OV1    1 CV5 
CONECT      OV2    1 CR  
CONECT      N1     3 CR   C1   H1  
CONECT      C1     4 N1   C2   C3   H1A 
CONECT      C2     4 C1   C4   HC21 HC22
CONECT      C4     3 C2   O2   N2  
CONECT      O2     1 C4  
CONECT      N2     3 C4   CB   H2  
CONECT      CB     4 N2   CG   HCB1 HCB2
CONECT      C3     3 C1   O1   NL  
CONECT      O1     1 C3  
CONECT      NL     3 C3   CAL  HL  
CONECT      CAL    4 NL   CBL  P    HAL 
CONECT      CGL    4 CBL  CL1  CL2  HGL 
CONECT      CL1    4 CGL  HL11 HL13 HL12
CONECT      CL2    4 CGL  HL21 HL23 HL22
CONECT      P      4 CAL  O3   O4   O5  
CONECT      O3     2 P    HO3 
CONECT      O4     1 P   
CONECT      O5     2 P    C5  
CONECT      C5     4 O5   C6   CT   HC5 
CONECT      C6     4 C5   CE2  HC61 HC62
CONECT      C7     4 OT1  H7A  H7B  H7C 
CONECT      CE2    3 C6   CZ   CD2 
CONECT      CZ     3 CE2  CE1  HZ  
CONECT      CD2    3 CE2  CG   HD2 
CONECT      CE1    3 CZ   CD1  HE1 
CONECT      CD1    3 CE1  CG   HD1 
CONECT      CG     3 CB   CD2  CD1 
CONECT      CT     3 C5   OT1  OT2 
CONECT      OT1    2 C7   CT  
CONECT      OT2    1 CT  
CONECT      HV2    1 NV2 
CONECT      HV11   1 CV1 
CONECT      HV12   1 CV1 
CONECT      HV6    1 CV6 
CONECT      HCV2   1 CV2 
CONECT      HCV7   1 CV7 
CONECT      HV31   1 CV3 
CONECT      HV32   1 CV3 
CONECT      HV33   1 CV3 
CONECT      HV81   1 CV8 
CONECT      HV82   1 CV8 
CONECT      HV83   1 CV8 
CONECT      HV41   1 CV4 
CONECT      HV43   1 CV4 
CONECT      HV42   1 CV4 
CONECT      HV91   1 CV9 
CONECT      HV92   1 CV9 
CONECT      HV93   1 CV9 
CONECT      H1     1 N1  
CONECT      H1A    1 C1  
CONECT      HC21   1 C2  
CONECT      HC22   1 C2  
CONECT      H2     1 N2  
CONECT      HCB1   1 CB  
CONECT      HCB2   1 CB  
CONECT      HL     1 NL  
CONECT      HAL    1 CAL 
CONECT      HBL1   1 CBL 
CONECT      HBL2   1 CBL 
CONECT      HGL    1 CGL 
CONECT      HL11   1 CL1 
CONECT      HL13   1 CL1 
CONECT      HL12   1 CL1 
CONECT      HL21   1 CL2 
CONECT      HL23   1 CL2 
CONECT      HL22   1 CL2 
CONECT      HO3    1 O3  
CONECT      HC5    1 C5  
CONECT      HC61   1 C6  
CONECT      HC62   1 C6  
CONECT      H7A    1 C7  
CONECT      H7B    1 C7  
CONECT      H7C    1 C7  
CONECT      HZ     1 CZ  
CONECT      HD2    1 CD2 
CONECT      HE1    1 CE1 
CONECT      HD1    1 CD1 
HET    PP7             91
FORMUL      PP7    C30 H47 N4 O9 P1

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