Structure based on 3op5

Ideal structure
Name: [4-({4-[(5-cyclopropyl-1h-pyrazol-3-yl)amino]pyrimidin-2-yl}amino)phenyl]acetonitrile
Formula: C18 H17 N7
Weight: 331.374
SMILES: "N#CCc1ccc(Nc2nccc(Nc3cc([nH]n3)C4CC4)n2)cc1"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 3op5
RESIDUE   REB     42
CONECT      C10    3 C09  C11  H10 
CONECT      N12    3 C11  N13  HN12
CONECT      C15    4 C14  C16  H15  H15A
CONECT      C20    3 C21  C19  H20 
CONECT      C21    3 C20  C22  C24 
CONECT      C22    3 C21  C23  H22 
CONECT      C24    4 C21  C25  H24  H24A
CONECT      C02    3 C03  C07  H02 
CONECT      C03    3 C02  N04  H03 
CONECT      N04    2 C03  C05 
CONECT      C05    3 N04  N06  N17 
CONECT      N06    2 C05  C07 
CONECT      C07    3 C02  N06  N08 
CONECT      N08    3 C07  C09  HN08
CONECT      C09    3 C10  N08  N13 
CONECT      C11    3 C10  N12  C14 
CONECT      N13    2 N12  C09 
CONECT      C14    4 C15  C11  C16  H14 
CONECT      C16    4 C15  C14  H16  H16A
CONECT      N17    3 C05  C18  HN17
CONECT      C18    3 N17  C19  C23 
CONECT      C19    3 C20  C18  H19 
CONECT      C23    3 C22  C18  H23 
CONECT      C25    2 C24  N26 
CONECT      N26    1 C25 
CONECT      H10    1 C10 
CONECT      H15    1 C15 
CONECT      H15A   1 C15 
CONECT      H20    1 C20 
CONECT      H22    1 C22 
CONECT      H24    1 C24 
CONECT      H24A   1 C24 
CONECT      H02    1 C02 
CONECT      H03    1 C03 
CONECT      HN08   1 N08 
CONECT      H14    1 C14 
CONECT      H16    1 C16 
CONECT      H16A   1 C16 
CONECT      HN17   1 N17 
CONECT      H19    1 C19 
CONECT      H23    1 C23 
CONECT      HN12   1 N12 
HET    REB             42
HETNAM     REB [4-({4-[(5-cyclopropyl-1H-pyrazol-3-yl)amino]pyrimidin-
HETNAM   2 REB 2-yl}amino)phenyl]acetonitrile
FORMUL      REB    C18 H17 N7

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