Structure based on 1hxw

Ideal structure
Name: ritonavir
Formula: C37 H48 N6 O5 S2
Weight: 720.944
SMILES: "CC(C)[CH](NC(=O)N(C)Cc1csc(n1)C(C)C)C(=O)N[CH](C[CH](O)[CH](Cc2ccccc2)NC(=O)OCc3scnc3)Cc4ccccc4"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1hxw.
Also present in other 16 PDB entries.
RESIDUE   RIT     98
CONECT      C1     3 C2   N5   H1  
CONECT      C2     3 C1   S3   C6  
CONECT      S3     2 C2   C4  
CONECT      C4     3 S3   N5   H4  
CONECT      N5     2 C1   C4  
CONECT      C6     4 C2   O7   H61  H62A
CONECT      O7     2 C6   C10 
CONECT      C10    3 O7   O24  N11 
CONECT      O24    1 C10 
CONECT      N11    3 C10  C12  H11 
CONECT      C12    4 N11  C13  C26  H12 
CONECT      C13    4 C12  C14  O41  H13 
CONECT      C14    4 C13  C15  H141 H142
CONECT      C15    4 C14  C44  N58  H15 
CONECT      C26    4 C12  C28  H261 H262
CONECT      C28    3 C26  C31  C35 
CONECT      C31    3 C28  C32  H31 
CONECT      C32    3 C31  C33  H32 
CONECT      C33    3 C32  C34  H33 
CONECT      C34    3 C33  C35  H34 
CONECT      C35    3 C28  C34  H35 
CONECT      O41    2 C13  HO4 
CONECT      C44    4 C15  C45  H441 H442
CONECT      C45    3 C44  C48  C52 
CONECT      C48    3 C45  C49  H48 
CONECT      C49    3 C48  C50  H49 
CONECT      C50    3 C49  C51  H50 
CONECT      C51    3 C50  C52  H51 
CONECT      C52    3 C45  C51  H52 
CONECT      N58    3 C15  C18  H58 
CONECT      N20    3 C19  C21  H20 
CONECT      C19    4 N20  C18  C62  H19 
CONECT      C18    3 N58  C19  O61 
CONECT      O61    1 C18 
CONECT      C62    4 C19  C64  C68  H62 
CONECT      C64    4 C62  H641 H642 H643
CONECT      C68    4 C62  H681 H682 H683
CONECT      C21    3 N20  N74  O76 
CONECT      N74    3 C21  C75  C95 
CONECT      C75    4 N74  C77  H751 H752
CONECT      O76    1 C21 
CONECT      C77    3 C75  C80  N83 
CONECT      C80    3 C77  S81  H80 
CONECT      S81    2 C80  C82 
CONECT      C82    3 S81  N83  C85 
CONECT      N83    2 C77  C82 
CONECT      C85    4 C82  C86  C90  H85 
CONECT      C86    4 C85  H861 H862 H863
CONECT      C90    4 C85  H901 H902 H903
CONECT      C95    4 N74  H951 H952 H953
CONECT      H1     1 C1  
CONECT      H4     1 C4  
CONECT      H61    1 C6  
CONECT      H62A   1 C6  
CONECT      H11    1 N11 
CONECT      H12    1 C12 
CONECT      H13    1 C13 
CONECT      H141   1 C14 
CONECT      H142   1 C14 
CONECT      H15    1 C15 
CONECT      H261   1 C26 
CONECT      H262   1 C26 
CONECT      H31    1 C31 
CONECT      H32    1 C32 
CONECT      H33    1 C33 
CONECT      H34    1 C34 
CONECT      H35    1 C35 
CONECT      HO4    1 O41 
CONECT      H441   1 C44 
CONECT      H442   1 C44 
CONECT      H48    1 C48 
CONECT      H49    1 C49 
CONECT      H50    1 C50 
CONECT      H51    1 C51 
CONECT      H52    1 C52 
CONECT      H58    1 N58 
CONECT      H20    1 N20 
CONECT      H19    1 C19 
CONECT      H62    1 C62 
CONECT      H641   1 C64 
CONECT      H642   1 C64 
CONECT      H643   1 C64 
CONECT      H681   1 C68 
CONECT      H682   1 C68 
CONECT      H683   1 C68 
CONECT      H751   1 C75 
CONECT      H752   1 C75 
CONECT      H80    1 C80 
CONECT      H85    1 C85 
CONECT      H861   1 C86 
CONECT      H862   1 C86 
CONECT      H863   1 C86 
CONECT      H901   1 C90 
CONECT      H902   1 C90 
CONECT      H903   1 C90 
CONECT      H951   1 C95 
CONECT      H952   1 C95 
CONECT      H953   1 C95 
HET    RIT             98
HETSYN     RIT A-84538
FORMUL      RIT    C37 H48 N6 O5 S2

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