Structure based on ?

Ideal structure
Name: (n-{4-[(ethylanilino)sulfonyl]-2-methylphenyl}-3,3,3-trifluoro-2-hydroxy-2-methylpropanamide
Formula: C19 H21 F3 N2 O4 S
Weight: 430.441
SMILES: "CCN(c1ccccc1)[S](=O)(=O)c2ccc(NC(=O)[C](C)(O)C(F)(F)F)c(C)c2"
Spacial conformation based on PDB ?.
Also present on 2bu6
RESIDUE   TF2     50
CONECT      C1     3 S1   C2   C3  
CONECT      S1     4 C1   N1   O1   O2  
CONECT      C2     3 C1   C4   H2  
CONECT      C3     3 C1   C5   H3  
CONECT      N1     3 S1   C6   C7  
CONECT      O1     1 S1  
CONECT      O2     1 S1  
CONECT      C4     3 C2   C8   C9  
CONECT      C5     3 C3   C8   H5  
CONECT      C6     3 N1   C10  C11 
CONECT      C7     4 N1   C12  H7C1 H7C2
CONECT      C8     3 C4   C5   N2  
CONECT      C9     4 C4   H9C1 H9C2 H9C3
CONECT      C10    3 C6   C13  H10 
CONECT      C11    3 C6   C14  H11 
CONECT      C12    4 C7   H121 H122 H123
CONECT      N2     3 C8   C15  HA  
CONECT      C13    3 C10  C16  H13 
CONECT      C14    3 C11  C16  H14 
CONECT      C15    3 N2   C17  O3  
CONECT      C16    3 C13  C14  H16 
CONECT      C17    4 C15  C18  C19  O4  
CONECT      O3     1 C15 
CONECT      C18    4 C17  F1   F2   F3  
CONECT      C19    4 C17  H191 H192 H193
CONECT      O4     2 C17  H4  
CONECT      F1     1 C18 
CONECT      F2     1 C18 
CONECT      F3     1 C18 
CONECT      H2     1 C2  
CONECT      H3     1 C3  
CONECT      H5     1 C5  
CONECT      H7C1   1 C7  
CONECT      H7C2   1 C7  
CONECT      H9C1   1 C9  
CONECT      H9C2   1 C9  
CONECT      H9C3   1 C9  
CONECT      H10    1 C10 
CONECT      H11    1 C11 
CONECT      H121   1 C12 
CONECT      H122   1 C12 
CONECT      H123   1 C12 
CONECT      HA     1 N2  
CONECT      H13    1 C13 
CONECT      H14    1 C14 
CONECT      H16    1 C16 
CONECT      H191   1 C19 
CONECT      H192   1 C19 
CONECT      H193   1 C19 
CONECT      H4     1 O4  
HET    TF2             50
FORMUL      TF2    C19 H21 F3 N2 O4 S1

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