PMID: 10968789 , Related PDB ids: 1QO2, 1THF
Lang D, Thoma R, Henn-Sax M, Sterner R, Wilmanns M
Structural evidence for evolution of the beta/alpha barrel scaffold by gene duplication and fusion.
Science. 2000 Sep 1;289(5484):1546-50.
The atomic structures of two proteins in the histidine biosynthesis pathway consist of beta/alpha barrels with a twofold repeat pattern. It is likely that these proteins evolved by twofold gene duplication and gene fusion from a common half-barrel ancestor. These ancestral domains are not visible as independent domains in the extant proteins but can be inferred from a combination of sequence and structural analysis. The detection of subdomain structures may be useful in efforts to search genome sequences for functionally and structurally related proteins.