PMID: 11106733 , Related PDB ids: 1G3I, 1G3K, 1G41
Sousa MC, Trame CB, Tsuruta H, Wilbanks SM, Reddy VS, McKay DB
Crystal and solution structures of an HslUV protease-chaperone complex.
Cell. 2000 Nov 10;103(4):633-43.
HslUV is a "prokaryotic proteasome" composed of the HslV protease and the HslU ATPase, a chaperone of the Clp/Hsp100 family. The 3.4 A crystal structure of an HslUV complex is presented here. Two hexameric ATP binding rings of HslU bind intimately to opposite sides of the HslV protease; the HslU "intermediate domains" extend outward from the complex. The solution structure of HslUV, derived from small angle X-ray scattering data under conditions where the complex is assembled and active, agrees with this crystallographic structure. When the complex forms, the carboxy-terminal helices of HslU distend and bind between subunits of HslV, and the apical helices of HslV shift substantially, transmitting a conformational change to the active site region of the protease.