PMID: 12408833 , Related PDB ids: 1IXR, 1IXS
Yamada K, Miyata T, Tsuchiya D, Oyama T, Fujiwara Y, Ohnishi T, Iwasaki H, Shinagawa H, Ariyoshi M, Mayanagi K, Morikawa K
Crystal structure of the RuvA-RuvB complex: a structural basis for the Holliday junction migrating motor machinery.
Mol Cell. 2002 Sep;10(3):671-81.
We present the X-ray structure of the RuvA-RuvB complex, which plays a crucial role in ATP-dependent branch migration. Two RuvA tetramers form the symmetric and closed octameric shell, where four RuvA domain IIIs spring out in the two opposite directions to be individually caught by a single RuvB. The binding of domain III deforms the protruding beta hairpin in the N-terminal domain of RuvB and thereby appears to induce a functional and less symmetric RuvB hexameric ring. The model of the RuvA-RuvB junction DNA ternary complex, constructed by fitting the X-ray structure into the averaged electron microscopic images of the RuvA-RuvB junction, appears to be more compatible with the branch migration mode of a fixed RuvA-RuvB interaction than with a rotational interaction mode.