PMID: 12842042 , Related PDB ids: 1N6U, 1N6V
Chill JH, Quadt SR, Levy R, Schreiber G, Anglister J
The human type I interferon receptor: NMR structure reveals the molecular basis of ligand binding.
Structure. 2003 Jul;11(7):791-802.
The potent antiviral and antiproliferative activities of human type I interferons (IFNs) are mediated by a single receptor comprising two subunits, IFNAR1 and IFNAR2. The structure of the IFNAR2 IFN binding ectodomain (IFNAR2-EC), the first helical cytokine receptor structure determined in solution, reveals the molecular basis for IFN binding. The atypical perpendicular orientation of its two fibronectin domains explains the lack of C domain involvement in ligand binding. A model of the IFNAR2-EC/IFNalpha2 complex based on double mutant cycle-derived constraints uncovers an extensive and predominantly aliphatic hydrophobic patch on the receptor that interacts with a matching hydrophobic surface of IFNalpha2. An adjacent motif of alternating charged side chains guides the two proteins into a tight complex. The binding interface may account for crossreactivity and ligand specificity of the receptor. This molecular description of IFN binding should be invaluable for study and design of IFN-based biomedical agents.