PMID: 12962630 , Related PDB id: 1P57
Somoza JR, Ho JD, Luong C, Ghate M, Sprengeler PA, Mortara K, Shrader WD, Sperandio D, Chan H, McGrath ME, Katz BA
The structure of the extracellular region of human hepsin reveals a serine protease domain and a novel scavenger receptor cysteine-rich (SRCR) domain.
Structure. 2003 Sep;11(9):1123-31.
Hepsin is an integral membrane protein that may participate in cell growth and in maintaining proper cell morphology and is overexpressed in a number of primary tumors. We have determined the 1.75 A resolution structure of the extracellular component of human hepsin. This structure includes a 255-residue trypsin-like serine protease domain and a 109-residue region that forms a novel, poorly conserved, scavenger receptor cysteine-rich (SRCR) domain. The two domains are associated with each other through a single disulfide bond and an extensive network of noncovalent interactions. The structure suggests how the extracellular region of hepsin may be positioned with respect to the plasma membrane.