PMID: 15724976
Zeng L, Li J, Muller M, Yan S, Mujtaba S, Pan C, Wang Z, Zhou MM
Selective small molecules blocking HIV-1 Tat and coactivator PCAF association.
J Am Chem Soc. 2005 Mar 2;127(8):2376-7.
Development of drug resistance from mutations in the targeted viral proteins leads to continuation of viral production by chronically infected cells, contributing to HIV-mediated immune dysfunction. Targeting a host cell protein essential for viral reproduction, rather than a viral protein, may minimize the viral drug resistance problem as observed with HIV protease inhibitors. We report here the development of a novel class of N1-aryl-propane-1,3-diamine compounds using a structure-based approach that selectively inhibit the activity of the bromodomain of the human transcriptional co-activator PCAF, of which association with the HIV trans-activator Tat is essential for transcription and replication of the integrated HIV provirus.