PMID: 18046459 , Related PDB ids: 2V5N, 2V5O, 2V5P
Brown J, Delaine C, Zaccheo OJ, Siebold C, Gilbert RJ, van Boxel G, Denley A, Wallace JC, Hassan AB, Forbes BE, Jones EY
Structure and functional analysis of the IGF-II/IGF2R interaction.
EMBO J. 2008 Jan 9;27(1):265-76. Epub 2007 Nov 29.
Embryonic development and normal growth require exquisite control of insulin-like growth factors (IGFs). In mammals the extracellular region of the cation-independent mannose-6-phosphate receptor has gained an IGF-II-binding function and is termed type II IGF receptor (IGF2R). IGF2R sequesters IGF-II; imbalances occur in cancers and IGF2R is implicated in tumour suppression. We report crystal structures of IGF2R domains 11-12, 11-12-13-14 and domains 11-12-13/IGF-II complex. A distinctive juxtaposition of these domains provides the IGF-II-binding unit, with domain 11 directly interacting with IGF-II and domain 13 modulating binding site flexibility. Our complex shows that Phe19 and Leu53 of IGF-II lock into a hydrophobic pocket unique to domain 11 of mammalian IGF2Rs. Mutagenesis analyses confirm this IGF-II 'binding-hotspot', revealing that IGF-binding proteins and IGF2R have converged on the same high-affinity site.