PMID: 1891459
Saudek V, Pastore A, Morelli MA, Frank R, Gausepohl H, Gibson T
The solution structure of a leucine-zipper motif peptide.
Protein Eng. 1991 Jun;4(5):519-29.
We report the complete structure determination of a 34 residue synthetic peptide with the amino acid sequence of the dimerization domain (leucine zipper) of GCN4. A high resolution structure in solution was obtained by 1H-NMR studies and distance geometry calculations followed by restrained energy minimization. A set of 20 final structures was obtained with an average root mean square deviation of 1.3 A for the backbone atoms (excluding the first and the last two residues). The structure contains an uninterrupted helix. A comparison with a structure previously determined for a larger peptide containing both the DNA-binding region (basic region) and the leucine-zipper motif shows the structural independence of the leucine-zipper domain from the contiguous DNA binding region.