PMID: 19635485 , Related PDB id: 3GJ9
Yan X, Zhou H, Zhang J, Shi C, Xie X, Wu Y, Tian C, Shen Y, Long J
Molecular mechanism of inward rectifier potassium channel 2.3 regulation by tax-interacting protein-1.
J Mol Biol. 2009 Oct 2;392(4):967-76. Epub 2009 Jul 25.
Inwardly rectifying potassium channel 2.3 (Kir2.3) is specifically targeted on the basolateral membranes of epithelial and neuronal cells, and it thus plays an important role in maintaining potassium homeostasis. Tax-interacting protein-1 (TIP-1), an atypical PDZ-domain-containing protein, binds to Kir2.3 with a high affinity, causing the intracellular accumulation of Kir2.3 in cultured epithelial cells. However, the molecular basis of the TIP-1/Kir2.3 interaction is still poorly understood. Here, we present the crystal structure of TIP-1 in complex with the C-terminal Kir2.3-peptide (residues 436-445) to reveal the molecular details of the interaction between them. Moreover, isothermal titration calorimetry experiments show that the C-terminal Kir2.3-peptide binds much more strongly to TIP-1 than to mammalian Lin-7, indicating that TIP-1 can compete with mammalian Lin-7 to uncouple Kir2.3 from its basolateral membrane anchoring complex. We further show that the phosphorylation/dephosphorylation of Ser443 within the C-terminal Kir2.3 PDZ-binding motif RRESAI dynamically regulates the Kir2.3/TIP-1 association in heterologous HEK293T cells. These data suggest that TIP-1 may act as an important regulator for the endocytic pathway of Kir2.3.