PMID: 19648931 , Related PDB ids: 3HA6, 3HA8
Clark MA, Acharya RA, Arico-Muendel CC, Belyanskaya SL, Benjamin DR, Carlson NR, Centrella PA, Chiu CH, Creaser SP, Cuozzo JW, Davie CP, Ding Y, Franklin GJ, Franzen KD, Gefter ML, Hale SP, Hansen NJ, Israel DI, Jiang J, Kavarana MJ, Kelley MS, Kollmann CS, Li F, Lind K, Mataruse S, Medeiros PF, Messer JA, Myers P, O'Keefe H, Oliff MC, Rise CE, Satz AL, Skinner SR, Svendsen JL, Tang L, van Vloten K, Wagner RW, Yao G, Zhao B, Morgan BA
Design, synthesis and selection of DNA-encoded small-molecule libraries.
Nat Chem Biol. 2009 Sep;5(9):647-54. Epub 2009 Aug 2.
Biochemical combinatorial techniques such as phage display, RNA display and oligonucleotide aptamers have proven to be reliable methods for generation of ligands to protein targets. Adapting these techniques to small synthetic molecules has been a long-sought goal. We report the synthesis and interrogation of an 800-million-member DNA-encoded library in which small molecules are covalently attached to an encoding oligonucleotide. The library was assembled by a combination of chemical and enzymatic synthesis, and interrogated by affinity selection. We describe methods for the selection and deconvolution of the chemical display library, and the discovery of inhibitors for two enzymes: Aurora A kinase and p38 MAP kinase.