PMID: 20077460
Agamennone M, Cesari L, Lalli D, Turlizzi E, Del Conte R, Turano P, Mangani S, Padova A
Fragmenting the S100B-p53 Interaction: Combined Virtual/Biophysical Screening Approaches to Identify Ligands.
ChemMedChem. 2010 Jan 13.
S100B contributes to cell proliferation by binding the C terminus of p53 and inhibiting its tumor suppressor function. The use of multiple computational approaches to screen fragment libraries targeting the human S100B-p53 interaction site is reported. This in silico screening led to the identification of 280 novel prospective ligands. NMR spectroscopic experiments revealed specific binding at the p53 interaction site for a set of these compounds and confirmed their potential for further rational optimization. The X-ray crystal structure determined for one of the binders revealed key intermolecular interactions, thus paving the way for structure-based ligand optimization.