PMID: 2443489
Hogrefe HH, Griffith JP, Rossmann MG, Goldberg E
Characterization of the antigenic sites on the refined 3-A resolution structure of mouse testicular lactate dehydrogenase C4.
J Biol Chem. 1987 Sep 25;262(27):13155-62.
The atomic structure of mouse testicular apolactate dehydrogenase C4 has been refined to 3.0-A resolution yielding a final crystallographic R-factor of 0.256. Comparison with the refined structure of dogfish apolactate dehydrogenase A4 shows that equivalent secondary structure elements are essentially in the same position relative to the molecular 2-fold axes, except for the helices alpha D, alpha E, and alpha 2G in the vicinity of the active center, and the carboxyl-terminal helix alpha H. The positions of antigenic peptides correlate best with surface accessibilities of the monomer rather than of the full tetrameric molecule.