PMID: 24531479 , Related PDB id: 4MSL
Andersen JL, Schroder TJ, Christensen S, Strandbygard D, Pallesen LT, Garcia-Alai MM, Lindberg S, Langgard M, Eskildsen JC, David L, Tagmose L, Simonsen KB, Maltas PJ, Ronn LC, de Jong IE, Malik IJ, Egebjerg J, Karlsson JJ, Uppalanchi S, Sakumudi DR, Eradi P, Watson SP, Thirup S
Identification of the first small-molecule ligand of the neuronal receptor sortilin and structure determination of the receptor-ligand complex.
Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 2014 Feb;70(Pt 2):451-60. doi:, 10.1107/S1399004713030149. Epub 2014 Jan 29.
Sortilin is a type I membrane glycoprotein belonging to the vacuolar protein sorting 10 protein (Vps10p) family of sorting receptors and is most abundantly expressed in the central nervous system. Sortilin has emerged as a key player in the regulation of neuronal viability and has been implicated as a possible therapeutic target in a range of disorders. Here, the identification of AF40431, the first reported small-molecule ligand of sortilin, is reported. Crystals of the sortilin-AF40431 complex were obtained by co-crystallization and the structure of the complex was solved to 2.7 A resolution. AF40431 is bound in the neurotensin-binding site of sortilin, with the leucine moiety of AF40431 mimicking the binding mode of the C-terminal leucine of neurotensin and the 4-methylumbelliferone moiety of AF40431 forming pi-stacking with a phenylalanine.