PMID: 7544002
Zhou MM, Meadows RP, Logan TM, Yoon HS, Wade WS, Ravichandran KS, Burakoff SJ, Fesik SW
Solution structure of the Shc SH2 domain complexed with a tyrosine-phosphorylated peptide from the T-cell receptor.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 1995 Aug 15;92(17):7784-8.
She is a widely expressed adapter protein that plays an important role in signaling via a variety of cell surface receptors and has been implicated in coupling the stimulation of growth factor, cytokine, and antigen receptors to the Ras signaling pathway. She interacts with several tyrosine-phosphorylated receptors through its C-terminal SH2 domain, and one of the mechanisms of T-cell receptor-mediated Ras activation involves the interaction of the Shc SH2 domain with the tyrosine-phosphorylated zeta chain of the T-cell receptor. Here we describe a high-resolution NMR structure of the Shc SH2 domain complexed to a phosphopeptide (GHDGLpYQGLSTATK) corresponding to a portion of the zeta chain of the T-cell receptor. Although the overall architecture of the protein is similar to other SH2 domains, distinct structural differences were observed in the smaller beta-sheet, BG loop, (pY + 3) phosphopeptide-binding site, and relative position of the bound phosphopeptide.