PMID: 8599766
Zhou MM, Huang B, Olejniczak ET, Meadows RP, Shuker SB, Miyazaki M, Trub T, Shoelson SE, Fesik SW
Structural basis for IL-4 receptor phosphopeptide recognition by the IRS-1 PTB domain.
Nat Struct Biol. 1996 Apr;3(4):388-93.
We present the NMR structure of the PTB domain of insulin receptor substrate-1 (IRS-1) complexed to a tyrosine-phosphorylated peptide derived from the IL-4 receptor. Despite the lack of sequence homology and different binding specificity, the overall fold of the protein is similar to that of the Shc PTB domain and closely resembles that of PH domains. However, the PTB domain of IRS-1 is smaller than that of Shc (110 versus 170 residues) and binds to phosphopeptides in a distinct manner. We explain the phosphopeptide binding specificity based on the structure of the complex and results of site-directed mutagenesis experiments.