PMID: 9228944
Metzler WJ, Bajorath J, Fenderson W, Shaw SY, Constantine KL, Naemura J, Leytze G, Peach RJ, Lavoie TB, Mueller L, Linsley PS
Solution structure of human CTLA-4 and delineation of a CD80/CD86 binding site conserved in CD28.
Nat Struct Biol. 1997 Jul;4(7):527-31.
The structure of human CTLA-4 reveals that residues Met 99, Tyr 100 and Tyr 104 of the M99YPPPY104 motif are adjacent to a patch of charged surface residues on the A'GFCC' face of the protein. Mutation of these residues, which are conserved in the CTLA-4/CD28 family, significantly reduces binding to CD80 and/or CD86, implicating this patch as a ligand binding site.