PMID: 9761897
Merigeau K, Arnoux B, Perahia D, Norris K, Norris F, Ducruix A
1.2 A refinement of the Kunitz-type domain from the alpha3 chain of human type VI collagen.
Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr. 1998 May 1;54(Pt 3):306-12.
The recombinant Kunitz-type domain (C5) of human collagen alpha3(VI) chain was previously described at 1.6 A resolution at room temperature. By changing the crystallization conditions and using synchrotron radiation, we are able to record diffraction data to 1.2 A resolution for crystals of the same space group at 291 K. The protein-water-ion model has been refined anisotropically against these new data using the program SHELXL93; the results converged to an R factor of 15.0%, with all data between 7 and 1.2 A. The final electron-density map reveals a clear chain tracing with a few disordered residues and five residues out of 58 that present alternate conformations. The Cys14-Cys38 bond presents the less frequently observed left-hand conformation (chi1 = -60 degrees). The solvent molecules and a phosphate ion are well ordered with an average B of 38 A2. The high-resolution structure reveals the N and C termini which were missing from the 1.6 A structure.