5HNR: The X-Ray Structure Of Octameric Human Native 5-Aminolaevuli Dehydratase.
reference: Structural studies of substrate and product complexes of 5-aminolaevulinic acid dehydratase from humans, Escherichia coli and the hyperthermophile Pyrobaculum calidifontis., Mills-Davies N, Butler D, Norton E, Thompson D, Sarwar M, Guo J, Gill R, Azim N, Coker A, Wood SP, Erskine PT, Coates L, Cooper JB, Rashid N, Akhtar M, Shoolingin-Jordan PM, Acta Crystallogr D Struct Biol. 2017 Jan 1;73(Pt 1):9-21. doi:, 10.1107/S2059798316019525. Epub 2017 Jan 1. PMID: 28045381

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