Structure based on 2y02

Ideal structure
Name: hega-10
Formula: C18 H37 N O7
Weight: 379.489
Spacial conformation based on PDB 2y02.
Also present in other 43 PDB entries.
RESIDUE   2CV     63
CONECT      C9     4 C12  C1   H91C H92C
CONECT      C12    4 C9   C15  H121 H122
CONECT      C15    4 C12  C18  H151 H152
CONECT      C18    4 C15  C21  H181 H182
CONECT      C21    4 C18  C24  H211 H212
CONECT      C24    4 C21  C27  H241 H242
CONECT      C27    4 C24  C30  H271 H272
CONECT      C30    3 C27  N33  O34 
CONECT      N33    3 C30  C35  C36 
CONECT      O34    1 C30 
CONECT      C35    4 N33  C60  H351 H352
CONECT      C36    4 N33  C37  H361 H362
CONECT      C37    4 C36  C40  O47  H37 
CONECT      C40    4 C37  C41  O49  H40 
CONECT      C41    4 C40  C42  O51  H41 
CONECT      C42    4 C41  C43  O53  H42 
CONECT      C43    4 C42  O44  H431 H432
CONECT      O44    2 C43  H44 
CONECT      O47    2 C37  H47 
CONECT      O49    2 C40  H49 
CONECT      O51    2 C41  H51 
CONECT      O53    2 C42  H53 
CONECT      C60    4 C35  O63  H601 H602
CONECT      O63    2 C60  H63 
CONECT      C1     4 C9   C0   H11C H12C
CONECT      C0     4 C1   H01C H02C H03C
CONECT      H91C   1 C9  
CONECT      H92C   1 C9  
CONECT      H121   1 C12 
CONECT      H122   1 C12 
CONECT      H11C   1 C1  
CONECT      H12C   1 C1  
CONECT      H151   1 C15 
CONECT      H152   1 C15 
CONECT      H181   1 C18 
CONECT      H182   1 C18 
CONECT      H211   1 C21 
CONECT      H212   1 C21 
CONECT      H241   1 C24 
CONECT      H242   1 C24 
CONECT      H271   1 C27 
CONECT      H272   1 C27 
CONECT      H351   1 C35 
CONECT      H352   1 C35 
CONECT      H361   1 C36 
CONECT      H362   1 C36 
CONECT      H601   1 C60 
CONECT      H602   1 C60 
CONECT      H37    1 C37 
CONECT      H40    1 C40 
CONECT      H47    1 O47 
CONECT      H41    1 C41 
CONECT      H49    1 O49 
CONECT      H42    1 C42 
CONECT      H51    1 O51 
CONECT      H431   1 C43 
CONECT      H432   1 C43 
CONECT      H53    1 O53 
CONECT      H44    1 O44 
CONECT      H63    1 O63 
CONECT      H01C   1 C0  
CONECT      H02C   1 C0  
CONECT      H03C   1 C0  
HET    2CV             63
FORMUL      2CV    C18 H37 N1 O7

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