Structure based on 1e14

Ideal structure
Name: cardiolipin
Formula: C81 H156 O17 P2
Weight: 1464.043
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1e14.
Also present in other 447 PDB entries.
RESIDUE   CDL    256
CONECT      C1     4 O1   CA2  CB2  H1  
CONECT      O1     2 C1   H1O1
CONECT      CA2    4 C1   OA2  HA22 HA21
CONECT      OA2    2 CA2  PA1 
CONECT      PA1    4 OA2  OA3  OA4  OA5 
CONECT      OA3    1 PA1 
CONECT      OA4    1 PA1 
CONECT      OA5    2 PA1  CA3 
CONECT      CA3    4 OA5  CA4  HA32 HA31
CONECT      CA4    4 CA3  OA6  CA6  HA4 
CONECT      OA6    2 CA4  CA5 
CONECT      CA5    3 OA6  OA7  C11 
CONECT      OA7    1 CA5 
CONECT      C11    4 CA5  C12  H112 H111
CONECT      C12    4 C11  C13  H122 H121
CONECT      C13    4 C12  C14  H132 H131
CONECT      C14    4 C13  C15  H142 H141
CONECT      C15    4 C14  C16  H152 H151
CONECT      C16    4 C15  C17  H162 H161
CONECT      C17    4 C16  C18  H172 H171
CONECT      C18    4 C17  C19  H182 H181
CONECT      C19    4 C18  C20  H192 H191
CONECT      C20    4 C19  C21  H202 H201
CONECT      C21    4 C20  C22  H212 H211
CONECT      C22    4 C21  C23  H222 H221
CONECT      C23    4 C22  C24  H232 H231
CONECT      C24    4 C23  C25  H242 H241
CONECT      C25    4 C24  C26  H252 H251
CONECT      C26    4 C25  C27  H262 H261
CONECT      C27    4 C26  H273 H272 H271
CONECT      CA6    4 CA4  OA8  HA62 HA61
CONECT      OA8    2 CA6  CA7 
CONECT      CA7    3 OA8  OA9  C31 
CONECT      OA9    1 CA7 
CONECT      C31    4 CA7  C32  H312 H311
CONECT      C32    4 C31  C33  H322 H321
CONECT      C33    4 C32  C34  H332 H331
CONECT      C34    4 C33  C35  H342 H341
CONECT      C35    4 C34  C36  H352 H351
CONECT      C36    4 C35  C37  H362 H361
CONECT      C37    4 C36  C38  H372 H371
CONECT      C38    4 C37  C39  H382 H381
CONECT      C39    4 C38  C40  H392 H391
CONECT      C40    4 C39  C41  H402 H401
CONECT      C41    4 C40  C42  H412 H411
CONECT      C42    4 C41  C43  H422 H421
CONECT      C43    4 C42  C44  H432 H431
CONECT      C44    4 C43  C45  H442 H441
CONECT      C45    4 C44  C46  H452 H451
CONECT      C46    4 C45  C47  H462 H461
CONECT      C47    4 C46  H473 H472 H471
CONECT      CB2    4 C1   OB2  HB22 HB21
CONECT      OB2    2 CB2  PB2 
CONECT      PB2    4 OB2  OB3  OB4  OB5 
CONECT      OB3    1 PB2 
CONECT      OB4    1 PB2 
CONECT      OB5    2 PB2  CB3 
CONECT      CB3    4 OB5  CB4  HB32 HB31
CONECT      CB4    4 CB3  OB6  CB6  HB4 
CONECT      OB6    2 CB4  CB5 
CONECT      CB5    3 OB6  OB7  C51 
CONECT      OB7    1 CB5 
CONECT      C51    4 CB5  C52  H512 H511
CONECT      C52    4 C51  C53  H522 H521
CONECT      C53    4 C52  C54  H532 H531
CONECT      C54    4 C53  C55  H542 H541
CONECT      C55    4 C54  C56  H552 H551
CONECT      C56    4 C55  C57  H562 H561
CONECT      C57    4 C56  C58  H572 H571
CONECT      C58    4 C57  C59  H582 H581
CONECT      C59    4 C58  C60  H592 H591
CONECT      C60    4 C59  C61  H602 H601
CONECT      C61    4 C60  C62  H612 H611
CONECT      C62    4 C61  C63  H622 H621
CONECT      C63    4 C62  C64  H632 H631
CONECT      C64    4 C63  C65  H642 H641
CONECT      C65    4 C64  C66  H652 H651
CONECT      C66    4 C65  C67  H662 H661
CONECT      C67    4 C66  H673 H672 H671
CONECT      CB6    4 CB4  OB8  HB62 HB61
CONECT      OB8    2 CB6  CB7 
CONECT      CB7    3 OB8  OB9  C71 
CONECT      OB9    1 CB7 
CONECT      C71    4 CB7  C72  H712 H711
CONECT      C72    4 C71  C73  H722 H721
CONECT      C73    4 C72  C74  H732 H731
CONECT      C74    4 C73  C75  H742 H741
CONECT      C75    4 C74  C76  H752 H751
CONECT      C76    4 C75  C77  H762 H761
CONECT      C77    4 C76  C78  H772 H771
CONECT      C78    4 C77  C79  H782 H781
CONECT      C79    4 C78  C80  H792 H791
CONECT      C80    4 C79  C81  H802 H801
CONECT      C81    4 C80  C82  H812 H811
CONECT      C82    4 C81  C83  H822 H821
CONECT      C83    4 C82  C84  H832 H831
CONECT      C84    4 C83  C85  H842 H841
CONECT      C85    4 C84  C86  H852 H851
CONECT      C86    4 C85  C87  H862 H861
CONECT      C87    4 C86  H873 H872 H871
CONECT      H1     1 C1  
CONECT      H1O1   1 O1  
CONECT      HA22   1 CA2 
CONECT      HA21   1 CA2 
CONECT      HA32   1 CA3 
CONECT      HA31   1 CA3 
CONECT      HA4    1 CA4 
CONECT      H112   1 C11 
CONECT      H111   1 C11 
CONECT      H122   1 C12 
CONECT      H121   1 C12 
CONECT      H132   1 C13 
CONECT      H131   1 C13 
CONECT      H142   1 C14 
CONECT      H141   1 C14 
CONECT      H152   1 C15 
CONECT      H151   1 C15 
CONECT      H162   1 C16 
CONECT      H161   1 C16 
CONECT      H172   1 C17 
CONECT      H171   1 C17 
CONECT      H182   1 C18 
CONECT      H181   1 C18 
CONECT      H192   1 C19 
CONECT      H191   1 C19 
CONECT      H202   1 C20 
CONECT      H201   1 C20 
CONECT      H212   1 C21 
CONECT      H211   1 C21 
CONECT      H222   1 C22 
CONECT      H221   1 C22 
CONECT      H232   1 C23 
CONECT      H231   1 C23 
CONECT      H242   1 C24 
CONECT      H241   1 C24 
CONECT      H252   1 C25 
CONECT      H251   1 C25 
CONECT      H262   1 C26 
CONECT      H261   1 C26 
CONECT      H273   1 C27 
CONECT      H272   1 C27 
CONECT      H271   1 C27 
CONECT      HA62   1 CA6 
CONECT      HA61   1 CA6 
CONECT      H312   1 C31 
CONECT      H311   1 C31 
CONECT      H322   1 C32 
CONECT      H321   1 C32 
CONECT      H332   1 C33 
CONECT      H331   1 C33 
CONECT      H342   1 C34 
CONECT      H341   1 C34 
CONECT      H352   1 C35 
CONECT      H351   1 C35 
CONECT      H362   1 C36 
CONECT      H361   1 C36 
CONECT      H372   1 C37 
CONECT      H371   1 C37 
CONECT      H382   1 C38 
CONECT      H381   1 C38 
CONECT      H392   1 C39 
CONECT      H391   1 C39 
CONECT      H402   1 C40 
CONECT      H401   1 C40 
CONECT      H412   1 C41 
CONECT      H411   1 C41 
CONECT      H422   1 C42 
CONECT      H421   1 C42 
CONECT      H432   1 C43 
CONECT      H431   1 C43 
CONECT      H442   1 C44 
CONECT      H441   1 C44 
CONECT      H452   1 C45 
CONECT      H451   1 C45 
CONECT      H462   1 C46 
CONECT      H461   1 C46 
CONECT      H473   1 C47 
CONECT      H472   1 C47 
CONECT      H471   1 C47 
CONECT      HB22   1 CB2 
CONECT      HB21   1 CB2 
CONECT      HB32   1 CB3 
CONECT      HB31   1 CB3 
CONECT      HB4    1 CB4 
CONECT      H512   1 C51 
CONECT      H511   1 C51 
CONECT      H522   1 C52 
CONECT      H521   1 C52 
CONECT      H532   1 C53 
CONECT      H531   1 C53 
CONECT      H542   1 C54 
CONECT      H541   1 C54 
CONECT      H552   1 C55 
CONECT      H551   1 C55 
CONECT      H562   1 C56 
CONECT      H561   1 C56 
CONECT      H572   1 C57 
CONECT      H571   1 C57 
CONECT      H582   1 C58 
CONECT      H581   1 C58 
CONECT      H592   1 C59 
CONECT      H591   1 C59 
CONECT      H602   1 C60 
CONECT      H601   1 C60 
CONECT      H612   1 C61 
CONECT      H611   1 C61 
CONECT      H622   1 C62 
CONECT      H621   1 C62 
CONECT      H632   1 C63 
CONECT      H631   1 C63 
CONECT      H642   1 C64 
CONECT      H641   1 C64 
CONECT      H652   1 C65 
CONECT      H651   1 C65 
CONECT      H662   1 C66 
CONECT      H661   1 C66 
CONECT      H673   1 C67 
CONECT      H672   1 C67 
CONECT      H671   1 C67 
CONECT      HB62   1 CB6 
CONECT      HB61   1 CB6 
CONECT      H712   1 C71 
CONECT      H711   1 C71 
CONECT      H722   1 C72 
CONECT      H721   1 C72 
CONECT      H732   1 C73 
CONECT      H731   1 C73 
CONECT      H742   1 C74 
CONECT      H741   1 C74 
CONECT      H752   1 C75 
CONECT      H751   1 C75 
CONECT      H762   1 C76 
CONECT      H761   1 C76 
CONECT      H772   1 C77 
CONECT      H771   1 C77 
CONECT      H782   1 C78 
CONECT      H781   1 C78 
CONECT      H792   1 C79 
CONECT      H791   1 C79 
CONECT      H802   1 C80 
CONECT      H801   1 C80 
CONECT      H812   1 C81 
CONECT      H811   1 C81 
CONECT      H822   1 C82 
CONECT      H821   1 C82 
CONECT      H832   1 C83 
CONECT      H831   1 C83 
CONECT      H842   1 C84 
CONECT      H841   1 C84 
CONECT      H852   1 C85 
CONECT      H851   1 C85 
CONECT      H862   1 C86 
CONECT      H861   1 C86 
CONECT      H873   1 C87 
CONECT      H872   1 C87 
CONECT      H871   1 C87 
HET    CDL            256
FORMUL      CDL    C81 H156 O17 P2 2-

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