Structure based on 1aul

Ideal structure
Name: phosphonic acid 6-({6-[6-(6-carbamoyl-3,6,7,8-tetrahydro-3,6-diaza-as-indacene-2-carbonyl)-3,6,7,8-tetrahydro-3,6-diaza-as-indocene-2-carbonyl]-3,6,7,8-tetrahydro-3,6-diaza-as-indacene-2-carbonl}-amino)-hexyl ester 5-(5-methyl-2,4-dioxo-3,4-dihydro-2h-pyrimidin-1-yl)-tetrahydro-furan-2-ylmethyl ester
Formula: C50 H53 N10 O12 P
Weight: 1016.989
SMILES: "CC1=CN([CH]2C[CH](O)[CH](CO[P](O)(=O)OCCCCCCNC(=O)c3[nH]c4ccc5N(CCc5c4c3)C(=O)c6[nH]c7ccc8N(CCc8c7c6)C(=O)c9[nH]c%10ccc%11N(CCc%11c%10c9)C(N)=O)O2)C(=O)NC1=O"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1aul
RESIDUE   THX    126
CONECT      C1'    4 C2'  N1   O4'  H1' 
CONECT      C10    4 C11  C9   H101 H102
CONECT      C11    4 C10  C12  H111 H112
CONECT      C12    4 C11  N4   H121 H122
CONECT      C13    3 C14  N4   O6  
CONECT      C14    3 C13  C15  N5  
CONECT      C15    3 C14  C16  H15 
CONECT      C16    3 C15  C17  C21 
CONECT      C17    3 C16  C18  N5  
CONECT      C18    3 C17  C19  H18 
CONECT      C19    3 C18  C20  H19 
CONECT      C2     3 N1   N3   O2  
CONECT      C2'    4 C1'  C3'  H2'1 H2'2
CONECT      C20    3 C19  C21  N6  
CONECT      C21    3 C16  C20  C22 
CONECT      C22    4 C21  C23  H221 H222
CONECT      C23    4 C22  N6   H231 H232
CONECT      C24    3 C25  N6   O7  
CONECT      C25    3 C24  C26  N7  
CONECT      C26    3 C25  C27  H26 
CONECT      C27    3 C26  C28  C32 
CONECT      C28    3 C27  C29  N7  
CONECT      C29    3 C28  C30  H29 
CONECT      C3'    4 C2'  C4'  O3'  H3' 
CONECT      C30    3 C29  C31  H30 
CONECT      C31    3 C30  C32  N8  
CONECT      C32    3 C27  C31  C33 
CONECT      C33    4 C32  C34  H331 H332
CONECT      C34    4 C33  N8   H341 H342
CONECT      C35    3 C36  N8   O8  
CONECT      C36    3 C35  C37  N9  
CONECT      C37    3 C36  C38  H37 
CONECT      C38    3 C37  C39  C43 
CONECT      C39    3 C38  C40  N9  
CONECT      C4     3 C5   N3   O4  
CONECT      C4'    4 C3'  C5'  O4'  H4' 
CONECT      C40    3 C39  C41  H40 
CONECT      C41    3 C40  C42  H41 
CONECT      C42    3 C41  C43  N10 
CONECT      C43    3 C38  C42  C44 
CONECT      C44    4 C43  C45  H441 H442
CONECT      C45    4 C44  N10  H451 H452
CONECT      C46    3 N10  N15  O9  
CONECT      C5     3 C4   C5M  C6  
CONECT      C5'    4 C4'  O5'  H5'1 H5'2
CONECT      C5M    4 C5   H5M1 H5M2 H5M3
CONECT      C6     3 C5   N1   H6  
CONECT      C7     4 C8   O3P  H71  H72 
CONECT      C8     4 C7   C9   H81  H82 
CONECT      C9     4 C10  C8   H91  H92 
CONECT      N1     3 C1'  C2   C6  
CONECT      N10    3 C42  C45  C46 
CONECT      N15    3 C46  H151 H152
CONECT      N3     3 C2   C4   H3  
CONECT      N4     3 C12  C13  HN4 
CONECT      N5     3 C14  C17  HN5 
CONECT      N6     3 C20  C23  C24 
CONECT      N7     3 C25  C28  HN7 
CONECT      N8     3 C31  C34  C35 
CONECT      N9     3 C36  C39  HN9 
CONECT      O1P    1 P   
CONECT      O2     1 C2  
CONECT      O2P    2 P    HOP2
CONECT      O3'    2 C3'  HO'3
CONECT      O3P    2 C7   P   
CONECT      O4     1 C4  
CONECT      O4'    2 C1'  C4' 
CONECT      O5'    2 C5'  P   
CONECT      O6     1 C13 
CONECT      O7     1 C24 
CONECT      O8     1 C35 
CONECT      O9     1 C46 
CONECT      P      4 O1P  O2P  O3P  O5' 
CONECT      H1'    1 C1' 
CONECT      H101   1 C10 
CONECT      H102   1 C10 
CONECT      H111   1 C11 
CONECT      H112   1 C11 
CONECT      H121   1 C12 
CONECT      H122   1 C12 
CONECT      H15    1 C15 
CONECT      H18    1 C18 
CONECT      H19    1 C19 
CONECT      H2'1   1 C2' 
CONECT      H2'2   1 C2' 
CONECT      H221   1 C22 
CONECT      H222   1 C22 
CONECT      H231   1 C23 
CONECT      H232   1 C23 
CONECT      H26    1 C26 
CONECT      H29    1 C29 
CONECT      H3'    1 C3' 
CONECT      H30    1 C30 
CONECT      H331   1 C33 
CONECT      H332   1 C33 
CONECT      H341   1 C34 
CONECT      H342   1 C34 
CONECT      H37    1 C37 
CONECT      H4'    1 C4' 
CONECT      H40    1 C40 
CONECT      H41    1 C41 
CONECT      H441   1 C44 
CONECT      H442   1 C44 
CONECT      H451   1 C45 
CONECT      H452   1 C45 
CONECT      H5'1   1 C5' 
CONECT      H5'2   1 C5' 
CONECT      H5M1   1 C5M 
CONECT      H5M2   1 C5M 
CONECT      H5M3   1 C5M 
CONECT      H6     1 C6  
CONECT      H71    1 C7  
CONECT      H72    1 C7  
CONECT      H81    1 C8  
CONECT      H82    1 C8  
CONECT      H91    1 C9  
CONECT      H92    1 C9  
CONECT      H151   1 N15 
CONECT      H152   1 N15 
CONECT      H3     1 N3  
CONECT      HN4    1 N4  
CONECT      HN5    1 N5  
CONECT      HN7    1 N7  
CONECT      HN9    1 N9  
CONECT      HOP2   1 O2P 
CONECT      HO'3   1 O3' 
HET    THX            126
FORMUL      THX    C50 H53 N10 O12 P1

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