How to become an OCA© mirror site, and run your own local copy.

To run an OCA© mirror you will need the following:
PDB retrieve it from:
if not all, at least the directories data/ and derived_data/
How to mirror PDB data.
Supporting software Perl, glimpse, ispell, fasta3, gunzip.
The requirements page contains suggestions on where to download the software from, arranged by platform.
Perl modules Besides a standard Perl distribution, you'll need other Perl modules like LWP::Simple, Digest::MD5, Compress::Zlib (some of them might already be part of your Perl installation)
What to do next:
Send an email to to request the information on how to download OCA©. Include in the email some information of your site, in the following format:
$mirror{WIS}   = "";
$mirname1{WIS} = "Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel";
$mirname2{WIS} = "";
$mirzone{WIS}  = 3;
$emailnm{WIS}  = "Jaime Prilusky";
$emailct{WIS}  = "";
$acronym{WIS}  = "Weizmann Institute of Science";
$homeURL{WIS}  = "";

for the mirzone value select one of these
# 1. North and Central America
# 2. Europe
# 3. Africa and Middle East
# 4. Asia
# 5. Australia and Oceania
# 6. South America
OCA© data and software can be updated daily with the 'liveupdate' option. The 'liveupdate' script is part of the new OCA distribution, and can be run manually or as a cron job.
Existing OCA mirrors can download liveupdate here, save it into the /oca-bin directory and set it's mode to executable (chmod +x liveupdate).
To run it, get into the OCA/oca-bin directory and execute it from the command line.
(Perl modules required for liveupdate: Digest::MD5, LWP::Simple)