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CATHProtein Structure Classification
CSU (Contacts of Structural Units) Analysis of interatomic contacts in PDB entries
Dali/FSSPFamilies of Structurally Similar Proteins
DipoleDipole moments of proteins
EcoGeneCollection of information about the genes, proteins, and intergenic regions of the E. coli K-12 genome and proteome
ENZYMEEnzyme nomenclature database
FlybaseDatabase of the Drosophila Genome
GeneCardsDatabase of human genes, their products and their involvement in diseases.
GeneCensus Comprehensive statistical accounting of protein features, particularly structural ones, in genomes -- in the sense of a demographic census.
GPCRDBInformation system for G protein-coupled receptors.
IMB Jena Image Library of Biological Macromolecules.
LED Lipase Engineering Database.
LPC (Ligand-Protein Contacts) Analysis of interatomic Contacts in Ligand-Protein complexes
MGD Mouse Genome Database
MMDB NCBI's Structure Database
MolMovDB Database of Macromolecular Movements
MSDCollection, management and distribution of data about macromolecular structures
Noncovalent bond finderDisplays the closest contacts to ligand or interface, reports distances, walks over water bridges.
OLDERADOCore, domain and representative structure database
OMIMComprehensive catalog of inherited diseases.
OPM Orientations of Proteins in Membranes.
PDBRepository for the processing and distribution of 3-D macromolecular structure data primarily determined experimentally by X-ray crystallography and NMR.
PDBobsObsolete entries from the Protein Data Bank
PDBREPORTStructure verification reports for X-ray structures
PDBselectSubset of the structures in the PDB that does not contain (highly) homolog sequences.
PDBSumSummaries and structural analyses of PDB data files
PfamDatabase of multiple alignments of protein domains or conserved protein regions.
PQS Protein Quaternary Structure, EBI
Protein Explorer Structure visualization: Chime with command line (understands all RasMol commands) plus shortcuts, contact surfaces, color keys, help
ProtoMap Automatic hierarchical classification of all swissprot proteins.
PubMedBiomedical journal citations database.
SCOPStructural Classification of Proteins
SCORStructural Classification of RNA
SMART Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool
SWISS-PROTCurated protein sequence database.
Taxonomy BrowserTaxonomy database maintained by NCBI/GenBank.
TOPSThe Atlas of protein topology cartoons.