PMID: 9886297 , Related PDB ids: 1A4P, 1BT6
Rety S, Sopkova J, Renouard M, Osterloh D, Gerke V, Tabaries S, Russo-Marie F, Lewit-Bentley A
The crystal structure of a complex of p11 with the annexin II N-terminal peptide.
Nat Struct Biol. 1999 Jan;6(1):89-95.
The aggregation and membrane fusion properties of annexin II are modulated by the association with a regulatory light chain called p11.p11 is a member of the S100 EF-hand protein family, which is unique in having lost its calcium-binding properties. We report the first structure of a complex between p11 and its cognate peptide, the N-terminus of annexin II, as well as that of p11 alone. The basic unit for p11 is a tight, non-covalent dimer. In the complex, each annexin II peptide forms hydrophobic interactions with both p11 monomers, thus providing a structural basis for high affinity interactions between an S100 protein and its target sequence. Finally, p11 forms a disulfide-linked tetramer in both types of crystals thus suggesting a model for an oxidized form of other S100 proteins that have been found in the extracellular milieu.