1PXP: Human Cyclin Dependent Kinase 2 Complexed With The Inhibitor N-[4-(2,4-Dimethyl-Thiazol-5-Yl)-Pyrimidin-2-Yl]- N',N'-Dimethyl-Benzene-1,4-Diamine
reference: 2-Anilino-4-(thiazol-5-yl)pyrimidine CDK inhibitors: synthesis, SAR analysis, X-ray crystallography, and biological activity., Wang S, Meades C, Wood G, Osnowski A, Anderson S, Yuill R, Thomas M, Mezna M, Jackson W, Midgley C, Griffiths G, Fleming I, Green S, McNae I, Wu SY, McInnes C, Zheleva D, Walkinshaw MD, Fischer PM, J Med Chem 2004 Mar 25;47(7):1662-75. PMID: 15027857

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