3MNR: Crystal Structure Of Benzamide Snx-1321 Bound To Hsp90
reference: Application of chemoproteomics to drug discovery: identification of a clinical candidate targeting hsp90., Fadden P, Huang KH, Veal JM, Steed PM, Barabasz AF, Foley B, Hu M, Partridge JM, Rice J, Scott A, Dubois LG, Freed TA, Silinski MA, Barta TE, Hughes PF, Ommen A, Ma W, Smith ED, Spangenberg AW, Eaves J, Hanson GJ, Hinkley L, Jenks M, Lewis M, Otto J, Pronk GJ, Verleysen K, Haystead TA, Hall SE, Chem Biol. 2010 Jul 30;17(7):686-94. PMID: 20659681

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