4BU2: 60s Ribosomal Protein L27a Histidine Hydroxylase (Mina53) In With Ni(II) And 2-Oxoglutarate (2og)
reference: Ribosomal oxygenases are structurally conserved from prokaryotes to humans., Chowdhury R, Sekirnik R, Brissett NC, Krojer T, Ho CH, Ng SS, Clifton IJ, Ge W, Kershaw NJ, Fox GC, Muniz JR, Vollmar M, Phillips C, Pilka ES, Kavanagh KL, von Delft F, Oppermann U, McDonough MA, Doherty AJ, Schofield CJ, Nature. 2014 May 11. doi: 10.1038/nature13263. PMID: 24814345

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