4WFN: Crystal Structure Of The Large Ribosomal Subunit (50s) Of De Radiodurans Containing A Three Residue Insertion In L22 In With Erythromycin
reference: The Ribosomal Protein uL22 Modulates the Shape of the Protein Exit Tunnel., Wekselman I, Zimmerman E, Davidovich C, Belousoff M, Matzov D, Krupkin M, Rozenberg H, Bashan A, Friedlander G, Kjeldgaard J, Ingmer H, Lindahl L, Zengel JM, Yonath A, Structure. 2017 Aug 1;25(8):1233-1241.e3. doi: 10.1016/j.str.2017.06.004. Epub, 2017 Jul 6. PMID: 28689968

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