Structure based on 1gwx

Ideal structure
Name: 2-(4-{3-[1-[2-(2-chloro-6-fluoro-phenyl)-ethyl]-3-(2,3-dichloro-phenyl)-ureido]-propyl}-phenoxy)-2-methyl-propionic acid
Formula: C28 H28 Cl3 F N2 O4
Weight: 581.890
SMILES: "CC(C)(Oc1ccc(CCCN(CCc2c(F)cccc2Cl)C(=O)Nc3cccc(Cl)c3Cl)cc1)C(O)=O"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 1gwx
RESIDUE   433     66
CONECT      C1A    3 O1C  O1B  C1D 
CONECT      O1C    1 C1A 
CONECT      O1B    2 C1A  HOB1
CONECT      C1D    4 C1A  C1X  C1Y  O1E 
CONECT      C1X    4 C1D  H1X1 H1X2 H1X3
CONECT      C1Y    4 C1D  H1Y1 H1Y2 H1Y3
CONECT      O1E    2 C1D  C1F 
CONECT      C1F    3 O1E  C1G  C1H 
CONECT      C1G    3 C1F  C1I  H1G1
CONECT      C1I    3 C1G  C1K  H1I1
CONECT      C1K    3 C1I  C1J  C1L 
CONECT      C1J    3 C1K  C1H  H1J1
CONECT      C1H    3 C1F  C1J  H1H1
CONECT      C1L    4 C1K  C1M  H1L1 H1L2
CONECT      C1M    4 C1L  C1N  H1M1 H1M2
CONECT      C1N    4 C1M  N2B  H1N1 H1N2
CONECT      N2B    3 C1N  C2C  C2A 
CONECT      C2C    4 N2B  C2D  H2C1 H2C2
CONECT      C2A    3 N2B  O2A  N3A 
CONECT      O2A    1 C2A 
CONECT      N3A    3 C2A  C3B  HN31
CONECT      C3B    3 N3A  C3C  C3D 
CONECT      C3C    3 C3B  C3E  H3C1
CONECT      C3E    3 C3C  C3G  H3E1
CONECT      C3G    3 C3E  C3F  H3G1
CONECT      C3F    3 C3G  CL3F C3D 
CONECT      CL3F   1 C3F 
CONECT      C3D    3 C3B  C3F  CL3D
CONECT      CL3D   1 C3D 
CONECT      C2D    4 C2C  C2E  H2D1 H2D2
CONECT      C2E    3 C2D  C2F  C2G 
CONECT      C2F    3 C2E  CL2F C2H 
CONECT      CL2F   1 C2F 
CONECT      C2H    3 C2F  C2J  H2H1
CONECT      C2J    3 C2H  C2I  H2J1
CONECT      C2I    3 C2J  C2G  H2I1
CONECT      C2G    3 C2E  C2I  F2G 
CONECT      F2G    1 C2G 
CONECT      HOB1   1 O1B 
CONECT      H1X1   1 C1X 
CONECT      H1X2   1 C1X 
CONECT      H1X3   1 C1X 
CONECT      H1Y1   1 C1Y 
CONECT      H1Y2   1 C1Y 
CONECT      H1Y3   1 C1Y 
CONECT      H1G1   1 C1G 
CONECT      H1I1   1 C1I 
CONECT      H1J1   1 C1J 
CONECT      H1H1   1 C1H 
CONECT      H1L1   1 C1L 
CONECT      H1L2   1 C1L 
CONECT      H1M1   1 C1M 
CONECT      H1M2   1 C1M 
CONECT      H1N1   1 C1N 
CONECT      H1N2   1 C1N 
CONECT      H2C1   1 C2C 
CONECT      H2C2   1 C2C 
CONECT      HN31   1 N3A 
CONECT      H3C1   1 C3C 
CONECT      H3E1   1 C3E 
CONECT      H3G1   1 C3G 
CONECT      H2D1   1 C2D 
CONECT      H2D2   1 C2D 
CONECT      H2H1   1 C2H 
CONECT      H2J1   1 C2J 
CONECT      H2I1   1 C2I 
HET    433             66
HETSYN     433 GW2433
HETNAM     433 2-(4-{3-[1-[2-(2-CHLORO-6-FLUORO-PHENYL)-ETHYL]-3-(2,3-
FORMUL      433    C28 H28 Cl3 F1 N2 O4

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