Structure based on 3bhy

Ideal structure
Name: (4r)-7,8-dichloro-1',9-dimethyl-1-oxo-1,2,4,9-tetrahydrospiro[beta-carboline-3,4'-piperidine]-4-carbonitrile
Formula: C18 H18 Cl2 N4 O
Weight: 377.268
SMILES: "CN1CCC2(CC1)NC(=O)c3n(C)c4c(Cl)c(Cl)ccc4c3[CH]2C#N"
Spacial conformation based on PDB 3bhy.
Also present on 3cxw
RESIDUE   7CP     43
CONECT      C1L    4 C1J  C1Y  H1L  H1LA
CONECT      C1J    4 C1L  N1W  H1J  H1JA
CONECT      N1W    3 C1J  C1A  C1K 
CONECT      C1A    4 N1W  H1A  H1AA H1AB
CONECT      C1K    4 N1W  C1M  H1K  H1KA
CONECT      C1M    4 C1K  C1Y  H1M  H1MA
CONECT      C1Y    4 C1L  C1M  N1N  C1V 
CONECT      N1N    3 C1Y  C1O  HN1N
CONECT      C1O    3 N1N  O1D  C1R 
CONECT      O1D    1 C1O 
CONECT      C1R    3 C1O  N1X  C1S 
CONECT      N1X    3 C1R  C1B  C1U 
CONECT      C1B    4 N1X  H1B  H1BA H1BB
CONECT      C1U    3 N1X  C1Q  C1T 
CONECT      C1Q    3 C1U  CL1F C1P 
CONECT      CL1F   1 C1Q 
CONECT      C1P    3 C1Q  CL1E C1H 
CONECT      CL1E   1 C1P 
CONECT      C1H    3 C1P  C1I  H1H 
CONECT      C1I    3 C1H  C1T  H1I 
CONECT      C1T    3 C1U  C1I  C1S 
CONECT      C1S    3 C1R  C1T  C1V 
CONECT      C1V    4 C1Y  C1S  C1G  H1V 
CONECT      C1G    2 C1V  N1C 
CONECT      N1C    1 C1G 
CONECT      H1L    1 C1L 
CONECT      H1LA   1 C1L 
CONECT      H1J    1 C1J 
CONECT      H1JA   1 C1J 
CONECT      H1A    1 C1A 
CONECT      H1AA   1 C1A 
CONECT      H1AB   1 C1A 
CONECT      H1K    1 C1K 
CONECT      H1KA   1 C1K 
CONECT      H1M    1 C1M 
CONECT      H1MA   1 C1M 
CONECT      HN1N   1 N1N 
CONECT      H1B    1 C1B 
CONECT      H1BA   1 C1B 
CONECT      H1BB   1 C1B 
CONECT      H1H    1 C1H 
CONECT      H1I    1 C1I 
CONECT      H1V    1 C1V 
HET    7CP             43
HETNAM     7CP (4R)-7,8-dichloro-1',9-dimethyl-1-oxo-1,2,4,9-tetrahydr
HETNAM   2 7CP ospiro[beta-carboline-3,4'-piperidine]-4-carbonitrile
FORMUL      7CP    C18 H18 Cl2 N4 O1

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