5NJ6: Crystal Structure Of A Thermostabilised Human Protease-Activ Receptor-2 (Par2) In Ternary Complex With Fab3949 And Az718 Angstrom Resolution
reference: Structural insight into allosteric modulation of protease-activated receptor 2., Cheng RKY, Fiez-Vandal C, Schlenker O, Edman K, Aggeler B, Brown DG, Brown GA, Cooke RM, Dumelin CE, Dore AS, Geschwindner S, Grebner C, Hermansson NO, Jazayeri A, Johansson P, Leong L, Prihandoko R, Rappas M, Soutter H, Snijder A, Sundstrom L, Tehan B, Thornton P, Troast D, Wiggin G, Zhukov A, Marshall FH, Dekker N, Nature. 2017 Apr 26. doi: 10.1038/nature22309. PMID: 28445455

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