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Oca is the spanish word for goose.
(As Merriam-Webster says "goose: any of numerous large waterfowl (family Anatidae) that are intermediate between the swans and ducks and have long necks, feathered lores, and reticulate tarsi").
some interesting entries
1ehz (structure with most ligands)
1ofd (structure with the longest chain)
1ir1 (multi-specie gene)
1a1u (rich functional annotation)
4sbv (representative and supersedes)
1fba (gene Drosophila melanogaster)
1adn (gene Escherichia coli)
1bte (gene Mus musculus)
1xum (G protein-coupled receptors)
1bgx (structure with most domains)
the largest ligands in PDB
BLB C55 H85 N20 O21 S2
PL1 C48 H68 N17 O12 CO1 S2 1+
VAX C73 H91 N10 O26 CL2 3+
VAN C66 H77 N9 O24 CL2 2+
THX C50 H53 N10 O12 P1
NTP C36 H60 O55 S9
CDL C81 H156 O17 P2 2-
NCG C45 H53 N4 O18 S1
CA5 C33 H47 N9 O17 BR1 P3 S1
BLM C55 H85 N17 O21 S3

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